What’s Black and White and Read all over? Etsy picks for the smart girl.

Here’s a sneak peak of an etsy treasury I curated yesterday.  I ended up liking it so much that I wanted to use it for a blog post. These are some of my favorite etsy shops and well as favorite etsy product and fashion photographers. I enjoy etsy almost as much for the photography as I do for the unique products. Hope this inspires…

Vintage secretary dress by Schmoo1515.  I love the coloring in this photo.

Fantastic bag by imaginelovelythings

I own the fabulous mug in this picture. Now, I think I may need this print by  AlicaBruce .  The colors are dreamy.

















This fantastic hair tie by OhHunnyHush.  I love everything about this shop; the name,  the product, the model’s look and the photography. So perfectly perfect!













I almost thought that this sassy dress by ViciousThreads was vintage. It’s so classic, yet the hemline is modern and fresh; as well as the styling.




















This high-wasted skirt by SewMoe “The Miss Boothby” would be a classic addition to any smart lady’s wardrobe.  The shop photography is always a joy as well. Such cool inspiration!




















See the complete etsy treasury here. Hope you enjoy!

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