7 New Ways to Wear it: Vintage Scarves (etsy edition)

Vintage scarves are some of my favorite things to collect.  I love them for dressing, for decorating, and for pattern and color inspiration.  I’ve been so inspired with all the fun and usual ways to wear them that I have found on etsy.  Here are some of my favorites….what’s your favorite?












This is an adorable way to turn a vintage scarf into a hair accessory via Fox And Bear Vintage

Another great hair styling…LaPetiteMarmoset














I love the combination of this vibrant scarf with a simple white tee  via Pretty Colorful














This model and her scarf style are completely adorable.  What a wonderful way to reference the 1920’s.  via TheVintageCloset


















This is so sassy and dramatic via HodgePodgeandCompany










Such a sweet and ladylike look ! via LittleDeerVintage




















This style is so bohemian and cool…via  dirtycityvintage

What’s your favorite way to wear a vintage scarf?

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2 Responses to 7 New Ways to Wear it: Vintage Scarves (etsy edition)

  1. littleprell says:

    Wonderful ideas. I’ve been wanting to wear a scarf in my hair for a while now, just gotta find the right one!

  2. Thanks, glad you liked it. The forth look is my favorite since I have shorter hair. Can’t wait to try it out with a dress.

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