The Mid Century Modern Cat

There’s just something about the feline form that pairs so perfectly  with the mid-century modern aesthetic. The clean lines and functional beauty of the era seem made for the graceful and contemplative feline. Really, is there any better prop in the mid-century modern room than a cat?

I adore all of the wonderful mid-century inspired pet beds and toys I’ve been stumbling upon lately.

I love these kitty pods by Peipod.


Or this fantastic piece of kitty heaven by ModernistCat which would satisfy my aesthetic demands and definitely please the kitties.


This design by CanopyStudio would be loved by the most finicky of felines and the most discerning modernists.


I’m also really loving feline modern art prints that make you forget that bad-cat-embroidery-art ever existed.

I  recently purchased this wonderful print by Gingiber and it’s just perfect.

Calico Cat Print by Gingiber

And a sneak preview of my next post: Cats As Props….

miss california

Do you know of any great sites or art that features cats in the mid-century aesthetic?  I’ve love to hear about them.


chrissy & her kitties

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