Things I love: Bakelike Bangles

Seeing the trailer for Advanced Style has gotten me so excited and, on a sillier level has rekindled my obsession for all things bakelike. While an arm full of chunky bangles can seem a bit overly eccentric, Nancy Cunard proved that the look can be dark, smoldering, and noir-ish. It’s a bold look, for sure.

Advanced Style

Shop Antigua

This wonderful Etsy shop has some of the most unique and beautiful bakelite bangles I’ve seen. However authentic Bakelite is pricey. The purple bangles below are not bakelite (fakelite, as I like to call them) yet still capture the look.  I certainly cannot afford the real thing unless I happen upon it unknowingly at a flea market or yard sale. It hasn’t happened yet but I enjoy testing all my vintage bangle finds in the hopes of one day uncovering the real thing.  See the link at bottom for how to test your bangles. It’s exciting and maybe one day you will strike gold!

Yellow Bakelite

Green Bakelite

Purple Bangles (not bakelite)

Hill-Thrill Guide: How to Test for Bakelite Plastic

There are also some great books out there:

Bakelite: An Illustrated Guide to Collectible Bakelite Objects

I adore this picture of Kate Moss channeling Cunard.

Happy hunting!

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2 Responses to Things I love: Bakelike Bangles

  1. I just have to thank Chrissy Manuel for featuring my beloved Etsy business in this vibrant, informative and vintage bliss inspiring blog! Nancy Cunard is one of my inspirations too – as so many early-mid 20th century woman of style are… it is truly difficult to beat the presence of Bakelite, or any early 20th century plastic jewelry, for that matter – I can’t help it – to me it rivals those 50s rhinestones – or even gold! Check out:!

  2. Thanks, Anna. I love your shop and your photos are beautiful! It was a treat and an inspiration to feature your shop.

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